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Is the new TTK here to stay ?

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Yo, this is getting a bit heated :P

Ok, so to answer the main question: no, this TTK is not here to stay. We changed a LOT with how the game works under the hood and did a balance pass as well, so the result is not tested well. We've already decided to lower the legs and arms multipliers down to 0.6 (just to test it again) and we'll keep looking for feedback like this glorious thread.

The TTK will probably change at least 5 times until the 1.0 release and we'll get it right. This doesn't mean we will listen to one particular person, but we're taking into account the overall feeling that our players have and we have as well - we're also playing the game and we really know how it works.

So, the main point of this TTK update was to reduce the randomness of TTK. There were instances where you could be sure that's enough damage to kill someone, but the armor and hands took most of the hits and it felt unreliable, which we didn't want. New TTK does achieve this, but it's a bit short and it does promote camping and just running like an idiot and being lucky to surprise someone.

That being said, we are NOT a milsim and we can't go full hardcore, especially with low playerbase. I get people not wanting us to casualize the game and I agree with this wholeheartedly, but if the game is kicking you in the face each time you play - you stop playing. This is a balance we need to take into account and we're trying to not sacrifice gunplay to do this (claymores are a low skill way to get passive kills for example) - and we're doing really well IMO, the gunplay is for me easily the best part of WW3 and we won't mess it up :)

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