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Update 0.4.1 Patch Notes

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We've got a hotfix for you. Some server browser improvements and animation fixes, as well as temporarily hiding TOR sniper rifle from future usage. This is done because we're going to add more mechanics around this weapon and it's not possible to balance it right now. We've also added a Japanese translation to the game and made some audio changes.

Here we go!

0.4.1 Patch Notes


  • Added Japanese localization (in-game and customization menu),
  • Temporarily removed TOR to rebalance it and add it later,


  • Fixed two major crashes,
  • Fixed infinite refresh in the server browser,
  • Fixed inappropriate errors being send to server browser (no more 'server is full' when it's not),
  • Fixed Chinese customization menu localization not working,
  • Fixed DMG Nine-Milli idle crouch animation,
  • Sprint reload animation fixed,
  • Fixed gadget count not refreshing on HUD,
  • Fixed strike deploy masks sometimes not showing up,


  • New Quad sounds,
  • More differentiated footsteps,
  • Lowered amount of bass in far gunshots.
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