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Some feedback from a player who lost 3 matchs <600 - 5000 in a row

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Problem 1:

Picture 1:

multiple players, "leavers" placed in the losing team repeatedly quit and join hoping to enter another game or join the winning team, most of these players have zero scores as they just connected


Picture 2:

when a leaver joins the losing team, the player size in the losing team is temporarily increased, and the auto-balancing feature allows

new connecting players to join the winning team

Players in the winning team stay, while those in the losing team leave, this causes unbalanced team size.




when a team is losing by 2000 score or does not have control of any objective, the matchmaking temporarily allows the losing team to have 5 more players than the winning team before they start the auto-balance it out. Not allow does it allows the losing team to make a small comeback with strength in numbers, it also stops leavers from temporarily enabling the auto-balance to allow more players to the winning team.


Problem 2:

The new "Switch" team feature does not help much yet, the problem is that there are not many incentives to bother switching to the losing team.

Personally, I play WW3 for the fun and the EXP is something I just happened to earn along the way. I would not switch teams and go through all the agony just for that extra EXP, this is especially true because switching to a losing team rarely changes the outcome as most losing teams tend to get "spawn-trapped" by multiple vehicles and campers.


Players who switch teams are rewarded with some BPs and a temporarily BP multiplier

A small boost in BP allows the newly switched player to quickly unlock strikes to turn things around, for example,

1) A jammer on A1 to disable spawns while the team takes A2

2) An airstrike to deal with multiple vehicles and campers

3) A vehicle to help push and regain control of objectives

Some people might argue that it is not okay because it would penalize the winning team for simply being better,

I think the game is meant to be designed for fun in mind rather than competitive E-sports, I believe the above suggestions would make one-sided games

1) Less common

2) less painful for the losing team

3) less boring for the winning team due to the threat of a potential comeback from the extra BP.



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