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Question regarding playerbase/primetime

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Hey there. I have supported, been monitoring patches/quickfixes/updates and have finally updated my graphics card (from a mere GTX 1050 2GB to an RX 580 8GB) to try to improve my performance and stability/playability with World War 3. I have had moments of frustration, but I have no intention of giving up on this game. I refunded Mavericks in belief of this having potential and I still do think this wonderful game can compete with other AAA titles that have, simply put, given up on listening to its community. Now that I have gotten all that jibberjabber out of the way...


Given the timezone I am in, being EST / GMT-5, and that I have no work coming up for around a week or so... what would be the most ideal primetime for this game? Steamcharts has been saying upwards of 150-200+ players in the past 24hours, maybe even 75-125 players in any of the last hours that I feel are suitable to play given my timezone. Mind you, right now, this is only my second match after an infuriating reinstallation of Steam and all of my games, including WW3. So right now it's almost 6:30 AM EST which I understand is quite early but I figured I would ask the most suitable time to play to see if I can properly enjoy WW3 now with my new graphics card. To any of those who tell me that WW3's dead, etc, don't really care for that right now. But to those who want to help someone find the right playtime to mix it up and get some tactical shooter experience under my belt - many thanks in advance. Game on, game strong. ????

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