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In memory of nnellow

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Hey there, we've had some sad news hit us last week about one of our most dedicated content creators passing away suddenly. Kris was a very chilled and happy person and we talked a bit on his stream and played together, so those news really made an impact on me and everyone at the company.

We wanted to do something without overdoing it and our great community came together and decided to organize a special Discord event in his memory.

It will be hosted tonight on our Discord server, we will have some special rooms for those interested in joining and to keep it separate from the normal Discord.

The rules are simple: we play with a gold G29, nnellow's favourite weapon, talk a bit and have fun in his memory. The event is planned to start at 8pm Central (timezone breakdown below) and last about 3 hours.

Thank you Kris, keep fighting wherever you are!

Timezones breakdown:

  • 6pm PST
  • 8pm CST (Central Standard Time)
  • 9pm EST
  • 2am UTC
  • 3am CET
  • 5am MSK
  • 10am CST (China Standard Time)
  • 11am JST
  • 1pm AEDT


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