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Recon Mode Leaks

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(Disclaimer: Not actually leaks...just a slow news cycle with this recon mode and I need your help upgrading my battle station)


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I had the same problem a good few years ago, how I can be better in video games - asking myself the same question, I haven't been a console gamer, I just wanna be a better and play on higher lever than I used to.

So let's start with PC, in FPS (First person shooters) most important is stable FPS (Frames per second), you need a rig which can handle the game without freezes and high FPS drops during the action (fire exchange etc.), for WW3 I would recommend at least ~100 FPS with max drops to 80 FPS - why? because we run 60 tick servers, which means server refreshing the image 60 times per second. The game going to start stutter if you get drop below 60 FPS, that's why 80 is a safe zone and ~100 FPS is recommended.



Let's say you have the average 100 FPS, as I can see you have 1070, no idea about CPU because you didn't mention it, but if it's i7 you're good.

i7 8700K+1080Ti are the ones which you need if you want to play in today's games with 1080 resolution and decent performance (Just informational).


As we have only 60 Hz/tick servers you don't need more than 60 Hz monitor, as there will be no much advantage between you and person with 120/144 or 240 Hz monitor, but it's a nice thing to have at least 120 Hz monitor for it, because the image will be more smooth and you can play on high refresh rate in other games, I personally have 25" 240Hz AOC AGON AG251FZ monitor, it's quite cheap compared to other brands and beat them easily.

It' has a TN panel, but the colors are almost the same as on IPS panel monitors, really good, and would recommend it to anyone also low response time and a lot of features.

TN vs IPS panel, in a clear way, if you have the money go for IPS if you looking something budget go for TN, why? read below.

Gear (Mouse, keyboard, headset)

In FPS the main role, play a mouse, it's a tool which has to be good, a good mouse consists of a couple of things, which are the shape (personal preference it has to feel good in your hand), sensor, and software. Mouse with a bad sensor and shit software will lead to miss the shoots and inconsistent movements/aiming. And then we have muscle memory if you have a good mouse and make the move with a mouse it should cover the same distance each time if the sensor and software will be poor quality, even if you move a mouse with your hand on exactly the same distance the pointer/crosshair could be in different position that should be, and it will happen when mouse have a bad sensor which skipping pixels, software cause mouse acceleration, and other problems. For me at this moment are only two brands which make good mouses, which is ZOWIE and Logitech all the professional use them and there is a reason, not only because they're sponsored by them.

I personally use ZOWIE ZA13, feel best in my hand and the precision is on the highest level, which is important.

You can find different models in different shapes here for your personal preference, a lot of buttons it's not needed, I don't see a use of them, standard 5 is enough.

From Logitech, go only for G series.

And also mouse pad, Zowie G-SR is the biggest one and best one for gaming 40cm x 48cm and you can keep it clean easily comparing to others.


Keyboard, even cheap one will be good, mechanical keys are the best ones, don't really matter, any keyboard will be good if have a good feeling of it.


Headset, I use HyperX Cloud Stinger, an obviously good headset will work a little bit like a wallhack, you can hear enemies steps, reloads and other things which they made and easily pinpoint them, they gonna call you a cheater, I get used to it ?



Now a bit about in-game settings, choose one and stick to them.

-Video settings

The resolution, I prefer 1920x1080, no point using lower ones these days, also higher resolution could result in losing performance, as it's more demanding on CPU and GPU which will result in lower FPS, but if you can pull out 120 FPS in 4K, go for it. Also, back to monitors, most recommended sizes are from 24" to 27" for gaming.

FOV (Field of View) Higher the better, not exactly I personally use 95, why? because FOV higher than 100 causing, you have to focus on much more things around you, it's much easier to focus on a smaller area in front of you and spot the enemies. Test it.

Graphics settings, just set them as you prefer and your rig let you keep stable FPS, too many details can obscure your view etc.


-Gameplay settings

Key binds, as you prefer, just make sure you don't need to move your hand from one side of the keyboard to another for use a med kit for example.

Now which is important it's a sensitivity, first of all, turn off mouse pointer precision in windows settings, it will turn off acceleration of mouse pointer/crosshair which causes different distance of crosshair being moved while you move your hand faster but on the same distance, leave it turned on it will cause your aim being inconsistent.

For mouse settings, don't go above 800 DPI in-game, otherwise, it could skipping pixels, also is recommended to use 1000Hz mouse polling rate, the highest one available.

For me low sensitivity in-game is better than higher, I use 20 and 28 for a scope with 800 DPI and 1000Hz. For some people is too low, and also it was too low for me when I used to play in CS:GO, with 0.75 sensitivity I had to move my mouse 2x size of my mouse pad to make full 360, but after few weeks I noticed a much better control of recoil and aim. And from a couple of years I stick to low, WW3 is a much faster game, so I go a bit higher than used too, some people use 3200 DPI and 50 sens which is retarded for me I wouldn't aim shit with that high sensitivity.

Find a point on the wall or shoot a couple of times and try to stick crosshair on this point with a mouse, while moving left to right, back and forward. You will find good sensitivity. Everyone had bad days, don't change your settings if you can't aim, you miss the shoots, just choose ones and stick to them, same with gun, choose one rifle, one sniper and master it, occasionally you can play with others, but you need to have a gun which you know perfectly, how to spray with it, how to tapping with it etc.



It's a prediction and reasoning, you just need to predict the enemy movements and draw conclusions from your mistakes, which lead you to lose the game or death.

Most stupid examples of brainless players?

  • Camp in the same spot
  • Play in the same area
  • Repeating the same behaviors
  • Full spray the enemy, when he hides a long time ago, run out of ammo and get killed during reloading because you stay focused on one target when the smart one goes away to lurking you or find another objective to deal with.
  • Running in open area in a straight line
  • Reloading in open area
  • Calling strike in open area
  • Everyone watching the same fuc**** spot instead of cover each other and watch the back...
  • etc.
  • etc.

Every time you lose a fight, game or die, ask yourself why and try to improve, what you can do better next time to avoid it and outplay enemy.

WW3 is a squad-based game, so here, you can't be just "One man standing", help each other, most important help your squad, supply ammo, you still can do things playing alone, but being a smart one and have a game sense could lead your team to the easy win.

Game sense is an individual thing, some people are better in driving a tank, and some are better playing with a rifle, don't do things in which you aren't or you don't feel good. Choose your role.


So how to be better?

Go in this way, if your PC is good enough to run the game, invest in good gaming gear, good mouse at first, set-up your game settings, find your sensitivity, start to be a smarter than others, get a good game sense and improve your gameplay then comes a monitor and rest of PC if needed, you can't be a good in FPS games with good PC and shit gaming gear...



Such a wall of text 412963516505653248.png

If something not clear, let me know.






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Just a small suggestion as you are coming from console.

Try an aim trainer, there are a few free and paid ones. I've tried "Aim Lab" (early beta stage currently), it's free on steam.

They'll help you improve your muscle memory with a mouse. I haven't played on consoles but still it helped me improve quiet noticeably.

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@weedtime weedtimes strat guide to git gud. Published 2019. 



Seriously thanks for all that! And I’ll have to try the aim trainer too. I think I’m sold now and for sure the mouse is step 1 in this endeavor. This stuff was just a quick pick up at the time because I wanted to game and was also broke 

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