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Machineguns ammo bugs.

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First. MG5 doesn't have alternate ammo. U can easily check this by:

holding R when MG has 100 or 101 rounds. It simply doesn't reload -> there is no alternate ammo.

Second. On other hand Pecheneg has funny bug: sometimes it has 2 alternate ammo. And it starts with a sweet little bug - ur alternate ammo is loaded first, and u don't need to hold R to switch. Then, if u hold R FMJ ammo is loaded. And if u hold R one more time ur second alternate ammo loads.?  Supplies are for weak.?  If u open customize  ammo menu and press "clean" bug is "cleaned". Why would u do that??

And lastly. If u have Pecheneg with alternate ammo and didn't used up all the alternate ammo, hold R and switch to FMJ, then hold R again and switch back to alternate ammo. U'll see how bullet count will jump again to 100. Works for both HP and AP. Congratulations, now u have infinite alternate ammo!xD But! There is 1 thing u need to know: only first 100 bullets of this infinite ammopool damage enemies. If u used up to N rounds and do R+R, then only next (100-N) rounds will do the dmg. Works for both HP and AP.?

All these bugs work in both 0.4 and 0.5PTE.

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Another one bug with Pecheneg. Even with cleared alternate ammo load in customization(checked few times) u still can spawn with AP ammo.

And here bug divides in 2:

1) You have ur 100 AP ammopool and it  works just fine.

2) game realizes, that u don't have AP rounds,  BUT u still spawn with machinegun switched to AP ammo, now empty. And u find it when in firefight u start reloading instead of firing.

Can't be distinguished visually unless u try to shoot, because from the start ammopool looks [00/00] in HUD. If u have ammo then after first shot it's [99/00], if u don't - machinegun is reloading. For FMJ it looks like [00/300]. Usual small HUD bug for machineguns.

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