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Some random Ideas & things i´d like to get changed

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Most of the following suggestions are just ideas. Feel free to discuss them below. :) 

1. Temporarily saving match results kinda like heroes and generals so you can check them during that session but it gets wiped once you exit the game.


2. Not a direct feature suggestion but fixing the statistics  would be neat. :) ;some values are 0 & some make no sense like my Score Per Minute = 39035.69921875


3. Remove the side bags of the Spartan vest with jacket. its just clipping into the armsexample.png


4. When editing a loadout name, let us confirm it by hitting enter too. 

5. Would be neat to be able to change the customization background so you can see how the camouflage would blend in

OR -> let us change the camo ingame so you can adapt while playing 


6. add a searchbar in the customization. for example; searching specific flags or emblems can be a nightmare at the moment and being able to quickfind guns would be awesome too. 

           ->maybe add an autofill & more keywords like continents for the flags and guntypes like assault rifle for guns ? 


7. The keybinding option menu isnt wide enough. 



8. I think it might be better to change the role (attacker/defender) of a player to be in line with the current squad objective.
                 It might also be good to make it more clear that a player can get the squad lead role when the current squad leader is not giving orders.

8.2 / 9. Objective log : It should show how many battle points a player would get for completing it, and, it should be more visible; often when I request ammo or heals, the player doesn't notice it and just keeps running.

         9.2 Add / improve visual feedback for people´s need; symbols when they're running out of ammo, having broken armor or missing equipment. 
                    For example, when they're in a radius of about 5-10 meters show the symbol and when you're not looking at them display it at the corners of the screen, kinda like a compass.

10. Add audio feedback & improve visual feedback for squad invites

11. when in supply mode on the war map, make it go back out when clicking on the map

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