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Update 0.4.3 Stability Patch Notes

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Kept ya waiting, huh?

We've got some more stability changes in this small update, in line with our focus on fixing the crashes as the first priority. We think that most of the crashing issues should stop after this update, but some still might lurk under the surface, so keep vigilant and keep sending us the crash reports. They not only let us fix them faster, but also let us know where the most frequent problems occur, so we can prioritize better.

We're currently in closed Recon testing and we've just came back from IEM 2019, both of which took away some of the time. Now we can focus back on crashes, bugfixing and - last, but by all means not least - optimization.

Patch notes might not look very appealing, but this update does make a difference in game stability.

As usual, please don't hesitate to send us your feedback and let us know if you're having issues after the patch.

0.4.3 Stability Patch Notes


  • Fixed a few crashes related to object serialization,
  • Added a nullptr check that otherwise resulted in a crash,
  • Fixed one garbage collector crash that occurred due to bad variable UPROPERTY setup,
  • Fixed a few other crashes.
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