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PTE 0.5 Patch Notes

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    Hey there, we're still hard at work on fixing bugs and crashes, optimization and overall quality of life stuff, so the 0.5 patch is taking some time and this version is still missing some stuff. We're predicting this patch to be in PTE testing for a bit longer than normally, but we also think it'll make it better.

    Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not.

    For now, here is the list of changes for today's patch on the PTE.


      • Added proper item modifiers for Heli drone turrets,
      • HP reduction back down, grenade and sniper rifle damage tweaks accordingly to this change,
      • Heli flight model improvements,
      • Zuni secondary ammo fix,
      • Proper ammotypes and ammo capacity setup for Heli,
      • Mobile Spawn Point setup,
      • MQ8C stats update,
      • Heli Drone guns' point of crossing tweaks,
      • Increased Heli pitch range; speed at angle; FZ233 and Hydra RoF,


      • Warsaw: Mall main entrance, budex cloth collision / invisible wall fix,
      • Warsaw: Collision fixes,
      • Warsaw: Penetration fix for small kiosks,
      • Warsaw: Props penetration fix,
      • Warsaw: Max draw distance tweaks (low spec PC friendly),
      • Warsaw: Removed broken grass-foliage actor. Repainted grass on the whole Warsaw level,
      • Warsaw: Vertex paint fixes,
      • Warsaw: Draw distance fixes,
      • Warsaw: Additional grass fixes,
      • Warsaw: Fixes for level streaming from drone/heli perspective,


      • Possible fix for GameObjective-BeginDestroy crash,
      • Crash fix for OnItemEquipped,
      • Probable fix for crash during [REDACTED - Recon specific],
      • Fixed crash related to occluders,
      • Potential fix to crash of PhysX,
      • 4 more possible fixes for crashes,
      • Heli rockets ammo display,
      • Resolved a bug with ThermalvisionWidget showing incorrect status,
      • Fixed wrong grenade icon,
      • Fixed people on quad not getting a flashbang effect,
      • Fixed uv for German flag (it was flipped),
      • Fixed an issue with the Monster Grip,
      • Customization tag fixes for the [REDACTED],


      • Added customization data to crash reports to see correlations between attachments and crashing.
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