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Warsaw escalators.

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Escalator collision issues

This isn't  a big bug, but I'm letting you know anyway.

Description of bug: you can slide and get stuck on the elevator rails on the warsaw map

Game build ID: 3621295

Steps to reproduce: Jump on one rail, then either get stuck, or slide off the side.

Additonal info:

  • When zooming in with a special/IR scope, the screen is not displayed as IR, but behaves as in the sniper scope video.
  • The direction you are looking does not appear to change the direction you are sliding; you can slide backwards.
  • It is possible to do a sick slide where you slide halfway on the first one and then switch to the lower one, without falling down, as I do in the video.


>Just see the videos







The videos are unlisted and can be removed.

Thank you for reading!

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