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PTE 0.5.1 Patch Notes

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Some more PTE patch notes, this one has a new map overlay. You bring it up with M as usual, but it's see-through and using ADS while having it up will temporarily disable it so you can shoot and get back to map checking. We're going to add more visibility options to this map as well. Apart from that, more Heli Drone fixes, some VOIP UI added (for muting people) and other improvements.

PTE 0.5.1 Patch Notes


  • New mini map and map overlay (optimized and more reliable),
  • Added VOIP UI under [TAB],
  • Server browser improvements: added colored game modes, fixed checkbox click area,


  • Time to kill tweaks,
  • Combat Drone: weapon balance pass,
  • Artillery damage tweaks,
  • Added pitch and tilt widget for air vehicles HUD,


  • New features for Combat Drone's movement,
  • Fixed impact zone placement in air vehicles,
  • Fixed aiming offset for Combat Drone machine guns,
  • Correct shell particles for Combat Drone machine guns,
  • Removed one extra ammo when reloading for Combat Drone rockets,
  • Potential splash damage fix for RCWS heavy cannon and grenade launcher,
  • Added some missing translations to the server browser,
  • Correct widgets net role check - should reduce map desynchronization problems,


  • New materials for Heli supply drops.
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