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Your opinion on Firestorm?

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It does not matter what DICE put out any more... it is riddled with cheaters and wannabe hackstarz.

Origin supports those who cheat and hack, it is how they make their money. I was a strong supporter of Dice and ran my own servers for many years. I was around since BF1942 beta.. with a strong clan, until after bf2142 & the BF4 era...   after that Dice got away from big maps and strategic gameplay. And once again, DICE went 100% free to cheat game. 


So, this new "Firestorm" is going to be no different.

Cheaters & Hackers own frostbite... and EA doesn't care about it's customers, only their money. (It's 100% fisherprice because Dice's FPS shooters are not legit.)



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