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What is planned about the Shotgun tips.

Example:  Dart Ammo Tip , Frag Ammo Tip , Slug Ammo Tip and Buckshot.

Is there any plans about this feature ? Because the Shotguns nerfed too much now.

And what you made with the Amor ? Ragir say you guys plaining other Amor Typ.

 Example the Dart Ammo have more Range but does  decreased Damange.


Best Regards Rey619

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I agree shotguns are way too underpowered. Their current stats would have fit in more with 0.3 than 0.5. I tried using some shotgun based loadouts yesterday and got 0 kills with them, three blasts straight to the chest at ~7 metre range and the guy still got me.

Seeing other shotgun ammo would be cool. Would be quite funny to see the noobs lose their shit after getting sniped by an MCS with slugs.

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shotguns already shot buckshot. I could see slugs but the rest is a bit to extravagant for a battlefield. Games not that realistic tho so might as well.

The current ammo customization situation is meh already. It doesnt add alternative gameplay options and only a powerup like mechanic so IdK if the devs can solve the issue when they cant even solve shotguns as is.

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