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Feedback on update 0.6

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1 hour ago, Salt Lord said:

New commando vehicle isn't in PTE at all in the current build. Guess they forgot to add it to the vehicle list 

That or the Vehicle is showing why it's name is "Commando". Sneaky devil is sneaky.

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On 0.6.10:

  • I'm glad to see another battle rifle included in the game. The M417 does look expensive (and rightly so, because it has even lower recoil than my previous go-to gun, the Beryl 762, which now has rather strong recoil I think on full auto) - however, it has a slower fire rate compared to the SCAR-H, but a quicker reload time too. For some reason, I was able to get this gun at half the price though. Was this for PTE purposes?
  • One thing I've noticed easily has been the UI sounds - I like a few of them by themselves, but I believe they sound too out of place for the game setting compared with the previous UI sound effects used. I understand that modern warfare makes extensive use of computers and electronics, but to me, these new sound effects make me feel like I'm playing a cyberpunk sci-fi game. A few sound effects I don't like in particular are the sounds used for marking objectives and selecting items in menus - the former to me sounds a little bit unpleasant and the latter, to me, reminds me too much of the same thing in Modern Warfare 2 :/
  • I like how packs with resources are spawned around the map - I can see how it can encourage more individualistic gameplay though, but it's nice if you're unwilling to cooperate with your team, or your team or squad all just happened to have the wrong gadgets at that moment (namely your team or squad has drones, claymores and mines, which are all still useful too).
  • I also like how RPGs now require the use of equipment packs to be restocked - this can serve classes that are more dedicated to a demolitions role and reduce unnecessary RPG spam overall, since equipment packs also restock grenades (I don't know if this is deliberate, but ammo packs also restock grenades if your other guns are full).
  • As for the giftcode system, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't think this is something I see myself getting into ATM. I do hope that the developers use this cautiously, lest this turn to another title like that published by EA, Ubisoft and/or Activision, who want to turn games into mere money-making software.
  • I would also like to remark that the revised crosshair in the M145 scope makes it harder to use in brighter areas I think.

Overall, keep up the good work, The Farm 51 :) 

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Devs, I love u!!!

Silencers! Finally! Have! NO! gunshots flashes!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!?[happy tears]


Game is finished. It can be released now. All below are insignificant things, but I'll still post them.

  • Newly added echo when shooting is equal for guns with/without silencers. Small detail but someoone will still say that it breaks his "immersion".
  • Dunno, what was changed when u r riding on Quadrocycle, but my head starts aching(literally) 5 secs after I start moving. Camera somehow is irritatingly shaky.
  • Plz, make distance digits below CPs icons thinner and shadows not so bold. Plus, when u r playing with "scale" stripe in Gameplay-Worldmarkers part of the settings - everything changes except distance digits.


  • "To" is missed and a little typo in word "Missiles" when restoring ammo from newly added equipment boxes.


  • Kinda too bold letters for squadmembers names. IMO. Compare to CP icon. And even desitance digits look "pale" in compariosn.


  • U still can punish teammates after suicide if there was dmg dealt by them to u. I'm resisting the urge to sit on repairing pod when there is allied Heli Drone in the air, wait for it to deal some dmg to me, suicidde, punish him and them look at the rage in chat. I didn't do it yet. But god knows how much I want to do it!..

P.S. Pecheneg with silencer, just u wait, this patch will hit Live and then... we will never part again!

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While I'm happy we have a new toy to play with, I think the M417 is a bit too far on the strong side at this time, and needs a little more fine tuning to it. I know CQC is suppose to be it's primary weak zone, so I would suggest making it's reload speed slower (1.5 - 2.0 general region), and increase it's hip fire spread a bit more. If it still feels a bit strong, another option could be to increase the general spread a little bit more from 0.14 to 0.20 and the weight of the gun itself since you don't use the Gun's actual weight (from what I was told by Ragir a long time ago). Just a thought overall, can't test to confirm if it would balance it out a bit more and I don't know what all background stats there are beyond first shot recoil.

Overall still very happy to have the gun in game and double so one that fills a category that has gone without love for a long time from what I can tell. ?

Now onto the next sexy beast.

Commando 4x4


Sort of like the 417, I'm happy to have a new toy to play with. But, I do have 2 problems with this Vehicle right now, one of which doesn't really have to do with the vehicle itself per se.

Problem #1

The Turret's aim is off (unless something changed with how all Vehicles aim and I didn't notice it). Regardless of which weapon option you choose to shoot, the shot doesn't go where the aim reticle is pointing at, rather it goes where the other reticle is at (I don't remember the name of the circle above.) In the picture down below, the bottom yellow circle is where I was aiming, the upper yellow blob is where the shot actually went. This is going to throw off Players that jump into this thing if it isn't fixed before going live.


Problem #2

As I said prior, this has less to do with the Vehicle itself, and more to do with the fact that it's another non-customizable Vehicle. I get things take time to create, but I still got this nagging voice at the back of my head grumbling over it. Is the Commando 4x4 a sign of a new type of Strike Vehicle category to come in the future, or is it just another BTR sort of speak that is there to be a easy target for some Strikes? Not going to lie, it would be a massive disappointment and in my personal opinion a missed opportunity if there were no plans to make this thing an actual Strike Vehicle later in the future, especially since customization for both Infantry & Vehicles is one of the major selling points that brought me to this game.

Uncertainty to be disappointed or hopeful aside, I visually love the Commando 4x4, and can see the metaphorical blood, sweat, & tears that were poured into it's creation. Whoever worked on this beautiful war machine gets the double thumbs up. ???

Packs with Resources

A nice way to alleviate some of the pains of Players being of little to no help to their team beyond being a Kill hungry individual. Nothing overly "Wow!", but not a unwelcomed addition by any stretch of the imagination. Though I wouldn't call their spawned locations special, but then again I only ever seen them spawn at B1 on Polyarny, so maybe I will find some surprise packs inside a busted up Vehicle or something. ?

Impact Grenade

Cool to have one of the three new grenades back, but why did it have to be my least favorite of the three?! Need my beautiful Phosphorous Grenade back, there are choke points, and soldiers needing to get choked out by it once again! But...Still good to see the ugly thing. Yeah did I forget to mention how ugly this ugly thing is? I mean I don't think I could drink this thing pretty, don't think I could even drink this thing into something else it's ugliness is that strong.

Jokes aside good to have it back even though I haven't had many chances to use it. ?

New Sounds

Good to have some new sounds in the game. Some I really like, others I'm a bit meh on.

  • Inside the Tanks sound overall good, but the outside sounds like a large pop gun going off in my personal opinion. The thing I love about the live version is that raw anger sound the main gun makes when its fired. When it speaks, it makes it's presence known, and unmistakable. This new one I think is going to make People wonder if I'm trying to rob a Bank with a toy gun.
  • New Suppressor sounds sound decent overall. A bit on the video gamey side sounding with the SA80, M4, & M417 being the worst culprits (so far) of the bunch. But, nothing that is going to drive me up any walls and make me want to heavily drink.
  • M417 sound might need some adjusting as in my experience the gun's firing audio seems to override the audio of every other gun around it.

Overall a good step forward even if a little wobbly of a step. ?

and one thing I have to ask before wrapping this quick reply up...

Better vaulting over Destroy Packs  <- What? What does this mean? I'm confused by it aside from the concept of vaulting.

Anyways, aside from the Commando 4x4 needing a little work and the M417 needing some tweaking, the PTE patch overall seems solid so far. But, I wouldn't release it during the free weekend at the risk of it possibly causing unforeseeable issues on live at the absolute worst time imaginable. Live is solid enough in my experience that newer players will enjoy it. But, that is just my 2 cent opinion.

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2 hours ago, tynblpb said:

Finally? Or not?


Not. That was purely a PTE party thing and even then we only got to like...I think 42 People at most before the server just basically said "Fulllll...No more!" and even before that the server reached 80-90% CPU usage (if I recall correctly) off just 40 People.

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Huge thank you to everyone who participate in 0.6 tests and for all the feedback we gathered. Thank you and see you in another patch.

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