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SA80 barrel length always reverts to medium.

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When I use a loadout with the SA80, if I try to change the barrel length, it always changes back to medium when I switch loadouts. I believe it may be more likely to happen if I try to add a handguard to it in order to accept lower and side attachments, and possibly also when adding a suppressor.




  1. Create two loadouts, both with the SA80 as your primary (untested for when it's a secondary).

On each loadout: 

  1. Change the barrel to a short or long barrel.
  2. Add a suppressor.
  3. Replace the handguard to one that can accept side and lower attachments, and change the barrel back to either of those lengths if necessary.
  4. Add a grip or a bipod.
  5. Exit gun customization - when switching between the SA80 loadouts, one can see that the barrel length reverts to medium length. The player should instead expect to see the barrels to retain the length they have specified for their SA80 customizations.

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I think this is more likely to happen between application starts, but I'm not entirely sure.

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