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PTE 0.6.8 Patch Notes

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Another one!

We've decided to change some stuff again due to player feedback we got yesterday - we all want 0.6 to be the best experience, so one more day is definitely worth it. Some small, but vital changes in this one!

PTE 0.6.8 Patch Notes


  • Sometimes another player icon was not visible,
  • Heli-Combat Drone is now on cooldown so you can't spam one after another,
  • Fixed level up screen,
  • Marking enemies and vehicles on map was not working sometimes (again),
  • Probable fix for auto spawn,


  • Removed some additional neutral vehicles on maps,
  • Limb damage reduced from 80% to 67%; hand/foot damage reduced from 60% to 57% - sniper rifles should no longer be 1-hit kill on limbs,
  • Improved damage dealt by RPG and tank shells vs Heli Drone,
  • Heli Drone HP decreased by 25%,
  • Tweaking Leopard2 speed in reverse and custom turbo force,
  • Tweaks in Abrams speed curve,
  • Tweaking T72 speed in reverse and custom turbo force,
  • Adjusting capture points to enable capturing by vehicles + minor vehicle placement adjust,
  • Buggy and Quad cameras now follow the vehicle rotation,
  • increased Quadrocopter's hitbox,


  • Enabling option where buggy and quad camera takes vehicle rotation in FPP mode,
  • Events for updating settings on ui while Quick Quality has been changed,
  • Warsaw map textures update.
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