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[TUTORIAL] How to be angel of death on Heli-drone ?

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Choose Helicopter drone




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if you did everything correctly, In battle (warzone mode) u can see heli drone on your strikes panel. 




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1. Not enough points ?

2. Someone from your squad already have helicopter in battle. U will see phrase "LIMIT" image.png.4f34bf966b236c8d3027b55e4e5ce9dd.png 

3. U were jammed.  image.png.5e87c3076cadaf88e714688f031f21b2.png 


If enemy jamming (blocking  your electronics) u will see red title under your strikes panel. U should wait until its gone.


4. Sometimes it bugged. And u take in hand tablet but can`t summon heli. No way to fix it. Need to wait when match end.





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  • WASD+mouse to direct the camera
  • SPACE BAR - increase altitude
  • LEFT CONTROL - decrease altitude
  • LEFT SHIFT - speed up
  • R - reload
  • C- change camera view





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  • Use same repair station to repair vehicles.
  • Slow down before landing.
  • Clicks "S" to control position





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  • Don't stay at one place.
  • Avoid RPG. 
  • The infantry is an easy target. Aim better. Shooting more than 4 rockets per infantryman is a bad idea.
  • Shoot the back of the vehicle
  • Always check the map to see spotted vehiles, infrantry, situations on flags. Defend/attack open space flag in priority.
  • Try to save heli under enemy jamming. U have only 5 sec to land a helicopter on safe place. Safe place is place where no enemy/no allies(cos they can shoot your heli, somebody don`t understand that its ally heli).  if you're being jammed use LEFT CONTROL hard. Your last action should be "decreasing altitude" or after loosing control. Your heli will fly away.








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