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Dedicated keybinds for aiming with the primary and secondary sights.

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A feature change I would like to take place is that instead of having to use the middle mouse button to toggle between the primary and secondary sight, I would like players to be able to use the right mouse button to aim with the primary sight and the middle mouse button to aim with the secondary sight. This feature will be similar to PUBG, where players can choose between fine aim and using the weapon sights with different key bindings or holding down and toggling with one button.

So far, from what I've seen, there will only be up to two sights that can be equipped on most weapons, so I don't see much of a point to need to toggle between sights unlike with fire modes (three different modes on assault rifles) and side attachments (four different combinations, I believe, with lasers and flashlights).

I would like this feature to be implemented as soon as it is possible for the developers to do so, because I don't find it enjoyable to have to rely on the UI all the time to know my current combat configuration.

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