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And plz sound to the diving rocket-AirStrikes.

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All in all current AirStrikes do look EPIC. But the sound is absolutely unsatisfying. I mean, u r running from cover to cover and see, that there is fullpacked APC coming around the corner. And u are  like: Okay, now I'm destroying one of it's optics and then I'm dying with honor. And the moment u leaned out  with suicidal attempt to deal at least some dmg to the vehicle u see "flash!BAM!!!" and only blown-out and burn-out pieces remind u that there was APC around here 1 moment ago.

I'm alive, enemy is dead, but there was no this "Not today, biatch!" feeling, that u have when u HEAR and then see the bomber flying by and u see that the tank, that was pressing ur team for last 10mins has NO time to escape or evade.

Devs, plz, add CLEARLY audible sound of incoming AirStrike rockets(or make it louder if they are already added), because now these strikes lose half of their epicness. It's not easy to evade these strikes even if  u know that they are incoming.

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