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General Feedback & Suggestions (Weapons/Maps/Gadgets/Vehicles)

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Hi @ all

I go right to the points to save you some time



1.) Weapon Rebalancing --> nearly all weapons play the same in there catergorie. There is no variety, simple everything is a laser. An easy upgrade would be "fast firerate = harder Recoil control" & "low Firerate = easier recoil control"  --> Player who can control recoil should get rewarded by a higher firerate and a potential more DPS gun, a player who isnt that skilled can use a low firerate with maybe a bigger Caliber for nearly the same DPS

2.) Weapon variety --> Adding Weapons and Buff them:

Add SMG's (MP5,P90, MP7, UZI, UMP,Vector,PDW-R, etc....) and buff them to be more viable. Actually there is no reason for using an SMG cause the Rifles perform better.

Add Rifles (AUG, AN94, Famas,F2000,AS VAL,etc..) look Point 1 for balance

Add Shotguns (M1014, Spas-12, DAO-12,etc..) + Add Slug (Longrange, no 1shot kill, max DMG 70-80) and Firebreath (20 DMG Dot, short DMG Distance, Damage against vehicles?)

Add LMG's (RPK, L86A1,M60, MG36, etc..)  massiv more Recoil when standing or crouching cause you cant deploy the LMG, and massiv recoil reduction and accuracy gain when laying prone.

Add Snipers (SV98, Modell 700, etc..) let them as they are, i think they are actually in a good state

Add Pistols/Revolver (.44 MAgnum, Deagle, M1911, etc...), bigger Caliber Guns = More Damage = More Recoil

Add a new Categorie DMR (SVD, SKS, MK11, G36 SL8, QBU-88, M1A Garand, etc...) something like 3 Shot kill at max distance, firerate about 400-500

3.) MG5 needs to ligther cause you sacrificing too much for not that much of a benefit.

4.) I want to choose not to take a second weapon so the secondary or primary slot can also be set to "none". 3-5 points of weight could change my loadout.

5.) Additional ammo needs to have weight or remove 1 Magazin from the maximum ammo capaity (dont know how it actually works)



1.) Ammopack needs buff like 1use = 1 Magazin or 1/2 mag for Special ammo

2.) limit Claymore, C4, Anti Tank Mine to 1




1.) TDM Moscow if you spawn und the southside of the map you cant start a flanking move inside the building, you need to cross the open area in the middle and mostly get shot, other spawn side can make a flanking move to the room with the double curved stairs to the conference room

2.) Smolensk is snipers paradise (maybe they need a tent in there pack) and as a non sniper you have a hard time moving between the objectiv.

3.) Worldmap: Remove the +400 Battlepoints at Start or lower it to 100-200 or change it to +X% faster Capture of Objektivs or make it that the Cost of Pointstreaks is reduced by X%



1.) Helicopter Drone = Low Risk, High Reward =/= good, Drones should be shootable with normal guns, 1rpg hit and the thing must be dead (a normal RPG hit does about 40-50 dmg, multiple times discovered), no repair and no reloading of Ammunition.

2.) Start Tanks on each map should have an APS with 1-2 charges, actually they dont feel like a Thread on the battlefield.

3.) Show on the Minimap where a Strike comes so your teammates dont run into an Airstrike

4.) New Pointstreak for about 700 Points to call in an Airdrop where you can Restock everything with 1 Use, the Drop lasts for 1-2min then explodes (no Damage)



1.) if you Teamkill someone dont let them kill me in response, just give me minus Points/Batllepoints/XP etc...


Edit 2019-06-15:

- Killfeed in the top right corner --> Change from the Symbol to the Name of the Gun


Edit 2019-06-22:

- Spawns on TDM need a bit of care, sometimes it happens that you spawn and run 20m and an enemy spawns behind you, also and the more important you can SPAWNTRAP in TDM

- In the first 5-10 seconds when everybody is ready and waits to spawn, you can actually shoot do damage to player and kill them --> simple remove all input in the phase where you spawn and let the first spawn be an Autospawn.

- FMJ doesnt add to the ammo Count (M4 starts with 30+90 and if i equip the FMJ Ammo it also start with 30+90)

- M417 additional Ammo doesnt work, i cant reload my AP or HP Rounds.

- MG5 needs some adjustments, lower Time to Kill or add massiv Recoil

- Shotguns need adjustment for there Range in TDM you are better for 30-40m with a shotgun then a Rifle

- .300 Blackout needs an Damage Upgrade, compared to the reallife properties the .300 blackout is something like a sligthly better 7.62x39 round. Ingame it is the same Damage Modell as the 5.56×45

- Add Servers with Maprotation, playing the same map over and over again is good for avoiding long loading Screens, but make it 2 Rounds each map, after the first round switch sides then rotate map






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On 5/31/2019 at 7:35 PM, Xanon86 said:

2.) Start Tanks on each map should have an APS with 1-2 charges, actually they dont feel like a Thread on the battlefield.


Yeah the tanks at the start of the match feel more like a hassle than an actual threat.  For me the start of the game is always using my AT class build

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