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2 manning tanks

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Ok so hear me out;

Tanks right now are in a solid state, but I feel like it's not realistic. Driving a tank can feel overwhelming at times, too.
I think this is mainly because you have to drive AND shoot the tank at the same time. If there was a separate driver and a separate gunner (just like the mobile spawn MRAP) it might be a lot less overwhelming and this of course rewards good teamplay. 

A practical reason is (in my experience) that when you get stuck you have to switch to 3rd person mode. All good and dandy, but not when you are trying to escape from a place full of triggerhappy RPG's. Also in 3rd person mode, there is no reticle to know where your shells are going to land. In the heat of the moment one might also forget to press ALT to stop the top from spinning and this would add unnecessary time to aim.
A system like in Squad would work wonders, without the commander seat of course; one driver, one gunner and an optional third person on the RCWS gun (+ passengers).

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