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Some things I encountered while playing

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- On Warzone Moscow you can shoot through the top/some sides of the building on C1
- You still can't shoot with Heli trough windows on C1 on Smolensk
- When you use an airstrike like Hellfire and you get killed while controlling bomb, it dissappears. That is very frustrating if you are literally 10 Meters above a tank, you can not miss it, but you get killed and the 6000 points Mephisto vanishes into nothing
- When laying down using scope, it flashes sometimes (happened to me on smolensk using PKP)
- When you are flying heli drone and you leave it for a sec, to use uav or something, when you turn your soldier, the drone in the air still turns with you. destroyed some in the repair spot like this.
- With the thermal and goblin optics for vehicles it is very hard to see the blue or green symbols for teammembers, making it very easy to accidently kill a teammember

- With your animation overhaul, could you add one for bipods too, like for example in battlefield? I wish I could use it looking through a window or use it generally everywhere where it seems reasonable, like crouching behind a hip-high cover or standing on a big enough stone or trash can or whatever, you get the idea.
- I feel like some prices are way to high, like for outfit customization or changing bodyparts for guns. I mean 10000 for another handguard, stock or grip?

Thats it for now, i know that i had some more things yesterday while playing, but i dont remember all. But I will keep this List updated and add things I encounter in the future.
Devs keep up the good work, got it since day one and really love the improvements.
Gonna go to the Warzone now :) 

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