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Hell's arcade mode

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So a mode pretty much the same as normal game but with few exceptions.
1. Most of the water on the ground is going to be blood, blood on the walls, a lot of fire(No dmg going to be implemented if someone jumps in the fire {example being in hell}).
2. All maps are going to be super dark/night/heavy rain. (Maybe only one map?)
3. There would be no weight system, everyone can run in the fastest way. 
4. No ammo limits.
5. Specific gadgets, like

6. Instant respawn.
7.Everyone would wear the lowest kind of armor without any changes that can be made.>Faster kill/death
8. Some really, really dark melody/guitar (example:DOOM)
9.Any tanks/IFVs etc may randomly explode. 
10. With every death the screen of the player would be darker and more bloody.
11.Your enemies are going to be with normal uniforms but after they die many times they get more and more dark with dark mist around them (easy to notice), while your friends/teammates would be completely noticeable that they are your ally (like their bodies being fully lined with green). After many kills from their part, they will start having white mist around around them if not they will stay the same.
12.From the start there should be little shots of guns and cannons in the background but with every minute it should be more and more loud and with more shots etc.(hope you understand what i mean)
*. ETC, you get the point.
The point is... players should die and kill really fast. It would represent the hell of the fallen solders. And it would be fun jumping around with strange gadgets and as whatever gun you want without limits. 

Of course this may be completely new game concept. Hit me up *wink* *wink*

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you still do drugs? Cmon Korny, I'm worried about you! ?

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