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Read before posting Suggestion!



Do you want to post your suggestion - New gadgets, weapons, attachments? Please post it here! Be sure to provide as much information as possible, common sense the more community knows the better decision they can make towards your idea. We use the voting system and if your suggestion reaches a high amount of upvotes we will take it further to our team to find out if this is possible to make!

If your suggestion won't reach any upvotes, or negative votes we will automatically decline your suggestion. All approved suggestions will be moved to Accepted and declined to Declined thread!


Please use the bracket before describing your suggestion [Weapon], [Map], [Attachment], [Uniform], [Gadget][Vehicles], [Feature].

If this is not posted we won't accept your suggestion. 


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UPDATE 0.2 --20.09.19--

  • Sub-forum Accepted changed the name to Forwarded

This means all suggestions that have been forwarded to developers will be moved to this sub-forum. 

I am currently working on the downvote system, where users can downvote the suggestion and suggestion will earn negative points.



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