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Using MRAP during the warm up

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During the warm up stage of a Warzone match, players can spawn into the mobile spawn point and drive it around, unlike the other vehicles. When the match starts, the vehicle remains where it was at the end of the warm up, and any terrain that has been destroyed/damaged remains that way. Although the MRAP is at the same place it was left at the start of the match, it can't be spawned on until a friendly player has entered it and driven it around (maybe there's a way around this, but I didn't get to test it)


In the picture above, the MRAP is on the map at the start of a match, even though it should start back at base,


In the warm up phase I ran over these blocks with the MRAP and they remained broken when I went to the same area during the match

GAME BUILD ID: 3898219


1. Get into the warm up phase of a warzone match

2. Click on the MRAP vehicle at base, and spawn on it. (note that you can't enter vehicles normally during the warm up, this is the only way to do it)

3. Drive around, destroy stuff

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3 hours ago, weedtime said:

I think I reported this some time ago...

I think I reported it a month ago :D



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