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Bundeswehr Beltkit and other German Equipment.

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Hey, I just wanted to ask about the Shoulder Pads on the Beltkit. My time in the Bundeswehr was brief, but I have never seen these either while I was there or in any media. The Beltkit we have (sadly) dates back to the Wehrmacht. We have our own bulletproof vests, the SK4 or SK2, however most german soldiers in destabilized regions suchs as Afghanistan or Mali wear self-bought plate carriers.

I like that the Beltkit is in this game since if world war 3 was actually happening we would never have enough plate carrioers / vests to actually equip everyone and the beltkit, or "koppel" in german is part of every soldiers equipment. I have several problems with it and other german equipment ingame. 

1.: The shoulderpads: Like I said, I have never seen these. Maybe I'm just an idiot and the Bundeswehr actually uses these, or the were added for immersion or to make the beltkit look self-improved.  I'm not saying the devs should take them out, but maybe offer a variant without them, closer to reality.

2.: Part of every german soldiers equipment are several so called "Feldblusen" (literally translated: Field-blouse) which are light "jackets" with long sleeves.  Normally a Bundeswehr soldier wears a T-Shirt, a "Feldbluse" and depending on the weather, though more often than not, a Feldjacke (Fieldjacket) over all of this. In game, one version of the Beltkit has a tanktop underneath or something and the other version has a fieldjacket where the character doesn't wear the sleeves long. Like with point 1, I wouldn't suggest to remove anything, just offer a verison closer to reality. There is plenty of video footage on the Bundeswehr Youtube channel.

3. Flecktarn is missing, It's the most iconinc camo of our army and I would like to ask if it'll be added later.

4. The regular G36 (which would probably be the rifle most used in a huge conflict) for the regular infantery (Jäger, are the most common) has two sights which are usually never removed. The 3x "Zielfernrohr" and a Reflex-sight above. It would be great if this could be added to the game, since it's the most immersive and most likely sight to be used in a true emergency. There are obviously many different G36 variants, like the G36K which often has a holo sight on it. However, the standart G36 sight would be great to have ingame aswell.

5. The voices. This also isn't a huge problem. Some voice lines said by the voice "Christian" are lines a german or german soldier would never say. Like "Papa Doktor ist da". That just sounds pervy ;). I know it's supposed to be a bit funny and lines like "Dich hasse ich ganz besonders" do the job perfectly, but there are just some that sound really absurd to anyone actually speaking the language.

I'd also like to congratulate the Farm 51 on implementing the german voices. I know this game is a huge project for you guys and even though some of the voicelines sound a bit weird and don't make much sense to germans, they are still all grammatically correct and are understandable, congrats to the voice actor aswell. My language is often butchered in songs/movies/games just because it sounds cool to foreigners and I'm glad you guys took the time to have the lines make sense (mostly) and not be some over exaggerated stereotype nazi voice thing. I especially love the use of the word "hurensohn". It's quite a common swearword with younger people in germany and I love that the soldier ingame uses it aswell.

On a sidenote, I love the Bundeswehr Rucksack you guys added to the game. It looks awesome and is really close to reality.

Congrats on making a game with a good mixture of immersion and casual realism.

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