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Strikes that could enhance WW3 - CUAS Drones

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Hey Folks.

Has been a bit since I did my last "Strikes that could enhance WW3" and sadly I had lost my last post which was nearly completed. But, the show must go on and I took it as a sign to do things a bit differently than I had originally planned for the post. Not too extremely different, but different enough. Anyways! This time we're talking about CUAS Drones, those adorable little Drones that fly around in the sky, and then blow up when they get excessively excited being close to you. While these Drones can be used for Scouting out targets, they're mostly used as guided bombs to take out either pesky Infantry, Sneaky Snipers, Ground Vehicles, UGVs, or the Helicopter Drone. In the end though these CUAS Drones only follow two rules - Scouting targets and Expendable Guided Bombs. So, how can we increase the amount of CUAS Drone options without going so uncharacteristically like them that they should really be put in their own category? Well, before we answer that, we must start with what we currently have on offer.

Current CUAS Drones we have in-Game

Quadrocopter aka DragonFly


Real life Stats

  • Still Seeking

In-Game Stats

  • BP cost: 1200
  • HP: 100
  • Max Operational Range: 200 Meters
  • Max Altitude: 150 Meters

Suicide Drone aka Warmate


Real life Stats

  • Weight: 4 KG or 8.8 LB
  • Max airspeed: 80 KMH or 49.7 MPH
  • Max altitude: 500 Meters or 1640 Feet
  • Range: 40 kilometers or 24.8 Miles
  • Endurance: 50 Minutes
  • Length: 1.1 Meters or 3.6 feet
  • Wingspan: 1.4 Meters or 4.5 feet
  • Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WB_Electronics_Warmate

In-Game Stats

  • BP cost: 1500
  • HP: 100
  • Max Operational Range: 600 Meters
  • Max Altitude: 150 Meters

With all this out of the way, we can begin the actual fun of looking at the Drones that I have up for suggestion! (Aka the real meat & potatoes of this post)

CUAS Drones that could enhance WW3

#1. Switchblade


- The Switchblade was intentionally designed to be an expendable UAV packing a 40mm punch with a low risk of collateral damage. It's effective against enemy personnel, Light Vehicles, & UAVs while being able to be fired from either a ground, maritime, or aerial platform. Currently it's creators, AeroVironment, are working to build an automated version of the Switchblade so it no longer requires a operator to control it. In the year 2015, A MV-22 Osprey served as a successful launch platform for a Switchblade that wasn't equipped with a warhead. This successful test meant that future MV-22 Ospreys could be equipped with Switchblades to serve as a remotely controlled, weaponized surveillance tool.

Real life Stats

Proposed In-Game Stats

  • BP cost: 1600
  • HP: 100
  • Cooldown: 4 minutes
  • Max Operational Range: 350 Meters
  • Max Altitude: 150 Meters
  • Automated Detection range: 60 Meters
  • Able to be countered by: Reaper Drones, UCAS-D Drones, Other Switchblade Drones (if added), and regular small arms fire.

- If added to the game, I think it would cool if the Developers advanced the design of the Switchblade a bit to operate as a Automated Ground-to-Air CUAS Drone. Able to fire on it's own when a Mini Drone, CUAS, or Helicopter Drone enters it's automatic detection air space. Against the Mini Drone & CUAS Drones, one Switchblade should be more than enough to destroy them instantly. Against a Helicopter Drone however, it should take roughly 4-6 Switchblades to destroy it from full health. This would make the Switchblade the ideal Hard Counter against some of those pesky aerial based strikes that have been getting under the skin of players. By making the Drone like this, it will also stand apart from the other CUAS Drones without being overly uncharacteristically like them as well. As for how the Drone is exactly deployed, I think just having the player deploy what looks like a Mortar tube with a green electronic box with a signal antenna on top of it would be neat personally. This way enemy players can destroy the Drone before it has even been launched.

But, what if the Player wanted something cheaper than the Quadrocopter and was willing to pack a lighter punch for it?...

#2. Drone-40


- A brand new Drone out of Australia that was revealed just this year, the Drone-40 is able to be fired out of a standard M320 grenade launcher, and upon reaching a certain flight distance will automatically deploy it's 4 small Rotor Wings where the Drone can then begin to be piloted by a operator. Once it's operator takes over flying the Drone-40, they can then guide the Drone over their intended target and then release the 40mm payload down on them. The company that made this has also apparently been able to make it where the Drone-40 can operate in a Swarm Attack pattern as well as be fired out of a 12-Gauge Shotgun and 81mm Mortar. Even after the Drone has deployed it's warhead, the Drone can still fly around to scan the battlefield for other targets of interest or perform Battle Damage Assessment.

Real life Stats

Proposed In-Game Stats

  • BP cost: 800
  • HP: 50
  • Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Max Operational Range: 150 Meters
  • Max Altitude: 150 Meters
  • Warhead options: High Explosive, Fragmentation, and Armor Piercing
  • Able to be countered by: Reaper Drones, UCAS-D Drones, Switchblade (if added), Phantom Jammer, and regular small arms fire.

- If added to the game, the Drone-40 could act as a Bomber CUAS Drone over the regular suicide style Drone, all be it with a far greater reduced splash damage range when compared to the Quadrocopter & Suicide Drone. However, once the Drone drops it's warhead, it should still be able to be piloted around to spot targets for allied forces, ultimately making it bridge the gap between the Mini Drone Gadget & Quadrocopter. As for how it should be deployed, I would actually say go as far as the real life counter part. Have the player pull out a Grenade Launcher, fire it up into the air, and then once the Drone is deployed then begin piloting it like they would a Mini Drone or Quadrocopter.

But, what if a player wanted something that was a cross between the Switchblade & Suicide Drone? Something adaptable, something challenging to counter, and was willing to pay out a considerable amount of BP for it?..

#3. Harop


- The IAI Harop is an Israeli Loitering Ammo Drone that just last year was credited for destroying a SA-22 Pantsir in Syria. Able to operate fully autonomously or by operator control, the Harop is a stealthy Loitering Drone that is able to bypass most defense systems that other Aircraft cannot. Where other Loitering Munition Drones are on a one-way trip to the enemy, the Harop can actually return safely to it's operating forces should they desire so.

Real life Stats

Proposed In-Game Stats

  • BP cost: 2500
  • HP: 200
  • Cooldown: 6 minutes
  • Max Operational Range: Unlimited
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Max Altitude: 150 Meters
  • Able to be countered by: Reaper Drone, UCAS-D Drone, RCIED, and regular small arms fire.
  • Automated function: Yes
  • Automatic flight altitude: 100 Meters
  • Automated Detection range: 70 Meters
  • Automated Priority Targets: Helicopter Drone, MBTs, AFVs, IFVs, MRAP, Armored 4x4, UGVs, and Light Vehicles

- If added to the game, the Harop should serve as a Hybrid CUAS/Scanning Drone. When a Player calls the Harop onto the map, the Harop should fly in from their Deployment Zone, and from there the Drone will do one of two things. It will either begin to circle the map randomly spotting Infantry units on the ground closest to it's path (sort of like the Barracuda only it's acting like a Radar scanning in a circular motion) or it will lock onto a priority target to crash into it for a large sum of damage. However, the Harop's automated system can be override by the Strike user who just needs to hit the Strike's keybinding again to manually control it for 2 minutes to either spot targets on the ground, or pilot the Drone into a suicide dive against a desired target area. Against the Helicopter Drone, MBTs, & AFVs, it should take 3 Harops to destroy them. Against the MRAP & Armored 4x4 it should take only 2 Harops to destroy them. Against (current) UGVs & Light Vehicles it should take only 1 Harop to destroy them.

When prioritizing targets, the Harop should check for the following 3 things when determining a target.

  1. High Priority Target (Helicopter Drones & MBTs are the Highest. UGVs & Light Vehicles are the lowest)
  2. Target has the most kills
  3. Target has been alive the longest

Overall while this makes the Harop Drone a very expensive CUAS Drone to field, it's high cost comes with high performance & adaptability that a player may be seeking.

But, this brings this post to a end. I have one more Loitering Drone at this moment I think could be a good fit for the game, I'm just not sure at the moment how it can be made different from the current CUAS Drones & Suggested Drones enough to justify it being on the main list. Plus I'm trying to see if there are any more interesting Loitering Drones similar to our current CUAS Drones out in the world. No Honorable mentions this go around, not from a lack of cool drones, but rather lack of Drones that really do things different that can be translated over to a video game. As with all my suggestion posts like this one, here is your hint for the next suggestion post where I will be covering Scanner Drones, Links to my older suggestion posts will of course be provided at the bottom of the page.


Have a good one folks!

PS: Like always; I just make the suggestions, what the Devs do with them is entirely up to them.

Links to my other Individual Suggestion Posts & Suggestion Series posts

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I will pin this post, pretty interesting informations! I will let our devs know ;)

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5 hours ago, Rozmo said:

I will pin this post, pretty interesting informations! I will let our devs know ;)

I wouldn't really consider it pin worthy, but that ultimately isn't my place to say. Thanks Rozmo! :)

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