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My thoughts about Air/Arti/Bomb strikes.

50% roof penetration for Bomb/Arti strikes.  

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There is bug on Smolensk map. Everyone who has experienced this bug himself usually is writing in chat something like: Dead? In Bunker?!

Just look at the gif.


Unfortunately the supposedly most protected and "closed" CP can't provide the cover from Bombstrike on the notable part of it's space. In the same time Arti/Air strikes don't penetrate layers of earth and concrete. It's the only 1 cover that can be "penetrated" by strikes on Smolensk. @weedtime, didn't find it with search, count this as bugreport plz.

And returning to the words "only 1 cover". There is paradox with new and old maps in WW3. Old "urban" maps are much more "comfy" to use air/bomstrike on them. And new "open" maps... there is almost nowhere to drop bombs/rockets/shells.  Even buildings like this


easily save ur life no matter how much strikes will be dropped on ur head.

And I'm not talking about two-storey buildings somewhere on B1, A1 and C2. The only reaction from ppl staying there would be only: Wow! Fireworks!?

Except A2 and C1 CPs on Polyarniy(and aforementioned Bunker) all other CPs have buildings that give 100% safe shelter to infantry. And u can't do anything with this no matter how much BPs u have.

So here I am:

Devs, mb make that Air/Arti/Bomb strikes would be able to penetrate the roof of the buildings? Something like 50% of bombs/shells would penetrate roof and explode under it. So the 2nd floors of the buildings on for example B1 Smolensk would not work as hideout against airstrikes. Or GasStation A2 wouldn't be safe zone. Because even though I like Smolensk I usually end matches with 10000 unused BPs because I can't find a worthy target. Bomb/arti strikes are kinda useless on new maps. They are rly like fireworks.

 Decided to add the poll. Vote plz.


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Voted for yes but I would say there should be restrictions. Small shacks or gas stations should not provide full cover but more robust buildings should e.g. B1 building on Polyarny).

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