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A solution to lack of AU players

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I'm an Australian player and I've noticed quite a bit of confusion amongst friends and other Australians about server locations.

It might seem obvious to some (myself included) that Australia is part of the OC (Oceania) region, however I've found myself having to explain to many people what OC actually is.

The OC servers are located in Australia and I think that it would not only save a lot of confusion about server locations but also make more sense to change the OC servers to show AU instead.

I've seen players complain during the free weekend that there are no Australian servers and they've stopped playing (a few weren't even convinced after I told them that Australia is in the OC region and that the OC servers are located in Australia) as well as people claiming that Australia is not in Oceania, it's a really frustrating problem for someone who just wants to get more people in my region to play the game.

Its one of those seemingly insignificant problems that could easily be ignored but I plead with you not to ignore this, it's a missed opportunity to get more Australians playing the game and it makes sense since the OC servers are located in Australia so if anything it also makes it more accurate to show AU instead of OC.

Please consider this change, I've already seen multiple people stop playing and had to try really hard to convince other players that they won't get lag.. which brings me to the other problem, Australians get horrible lag on Asian servers so it's not good when the first experience for many Australians is a laggy server and then they check the server browser and see no AU servers because they don't know that OC servers are in Australia.

I'll just end up repeating myself some more so I'll wrap it up but I hope you guys understand what I'm saying, it might not seem like a big issue but it is effecting player numbers in Australia and I'd really like for this to be solved, all it takes is changing 2 letters in the server names.

Thanks for reading.


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