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Moments of distaste

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Posted (edited)

Hello good people, siema siema :)

i'm following this game since day one and i was hyped very very much but i have my principles against buying early access games, but when i had the chance to play in the free wekeend in smolensk , couldn't hold myself, and bought the game expecting other maps would be so much bigger and better. (talking about warzone mode, never played dm)

big fan of bf2, bf3(not new ones) and red orchestra/rising storm series. but i had a few shocks expecting more from this game.

so i was expecting in warzone game mode infantry roles importance would be FORCED by the game. i just played a game in warsaw 2 enemy tanks + 2 enemy afvs was hitting us and only me and my friend was trying to rpg them with heat, suicide drones tried to buy a tank earning bps while other guys was just fragging/sniping in the other parts of the map and one of them got 34k battle points and he never once used uav, bought vehicle, used artilery! this cannot be and should not be accepted! game must punish players that don't give a tought about the team and the game mode, they can always play deathmatch if they just wanna kill people without much roles. or their bps should be given to other players that try to win the game instead of camping/fragging/sniping. we lost the game btw.

problem with snipers:  warzone maps are kinda small with uncertain map limits, 15vs15 and when 5 person takes snipers the game is basically done, it's no more fun! red orceshtra had sniper limit, anti-tank limit, one commander! you knew you were in a army order! warzone is basically deathmatch with capture points which some players don't give a thought about and ruin the whole game for everyone without any punishment. this should be fixed before launch. at least put a limit on snipers, other players can use battle rifles instead if they so much like optics. one hit kills with campers is never fun, they dont defend/attack they just get the frags and not use the bps... why even play warzone then? just because some games had too many useless-no teamplay- snipers i had stopped playing them.

problems with maps: warzone mode should be bigger and at least 30v30,

map area limits should be more certain, most of the time you think you are in map limits but accidently go outside which is very annoying. and not start countdown near enemy spawn area, instead prohibit firing, just like americans can't fire primary in vietnam tunnels like in rs:2vietnam.

we should be able to fight in warsaw centralna in warzone mode, it already in the loading screen, it is a must.

moscow map is basically camper sniper haven so sniper limit would fix it i guess.

i see roadmap has no info about "bigger warzone" . i think you should think about it otherwise it would be waste of such a potential.

i see i wrote alot and very lazy to summarize, probably in the wrong topic area too but hey thanks for reading!

take care.

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Posted (edited)

Warzone use to be bigger but due to server issues they had to lower player count. So eta on them increasing it back is unknown at this time. I really miss large warzone it was the reason I bought the game.

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