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Add icons to show flag capture status on the HUD

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Im not sure if this is already in the works or been suggested, but I thought "man why isn't this in the game" months ago and it still isn't. There should be a HUD element that displays the square flag icons, just like you see them when you're running around, but as a fixed UI element on the side, so that way at a quick glance I can see what the control status of flags is, and what is being captured. I run squad leader all the time and The amount of times I have to stop and take a look around to see if flags are being captured is very high. It would be very useful if at a glance I could see "hey, the enemy just started capping B1 behind me, I should go counter-attack". Currently I have to constantly swing my guys head around to keep tabs on our teams control of flags so I can make a determination of where my squad needs to focus its efforts. 

To take it a step further, if a flag is under your control and being captured, you could even make the icon on the HUD either flash with a color change or something to indicate that that objective is currently being taken, as sometimes I have to stare at a flag to see the red capture progress bar move to actually make sure the flag is being actively captured or if an enemy just ran through it because they think they are playing call of duty. It might only save me a few seconds, but when you're squad leader and running and gunning, it makes a difference as I make split-second decisions on what to attack. 

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