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  2. Ja nie widzę problemu ze strzelbami. Może to dlatego, że nie widuję ich zbyt często grając WZ. Nawet używając strzelby na TDMie nie zauważyłem aby była zbyt OP. Takie moje odczucie. To tak samo jak ze snajperkami... jak ktoś umie używać to będzie wymiatał. Trzeba czekać na kolejne balanse broni bo to zapewne nie ostatnie...może zwyczajnie potestujcie sobie samemu jak strzela się strzelbami
  3. Prześlę to do QA aby mogli sprawdzić problem. Dzięki za zgłoszenie
  4. *bring us more of this sh!t *are you focking doper, betch?
  5. Witam @Volto, @Hourdeau, Starajcie się trzymać tematu i nie wychodzić w rozmowy między sobą i robić off topic. Pozdrawiam.
  6. @Michal330414 a grałeś przez opcję "QUICK JOIN" czy wybierałeś serwer przez przeglądarkę serwerów? Osobiście proponuję ta drugą opcję
  7. Już powiedziałem, że z osobą na tak żenującym poziomie dyskutować nie będę. Zamilknij już. Nie wiem co ma ten czołg do mojej wypowiedzi ani tematu ale nawiasem mówiąc - tak, może nie w identyczny sposób jak w grze ale technika pozwala na wprowadzenie czołgu do pola walki za pomocą samolotu. Rozumiem o co ci chodzi ale jeżeli teraz w grze strzelba zostanie kolejny raz znerfiona to będzie ona już kompletnie bezużyteczna. Trzeba się pogodzić z tym, że realnie strzelby są dość potężną bronią i tyle. Według mnie obrażenia i zasięg strzelb powinien pozostać taki jak jest (a nawet powinno się dać ulepszyć za pomocą np. czoków na lufę). Jedyny arsenał w tym momencie do naprawy to heli-dron oraz pistolety, które są również średnio użyteczne.
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  9. Witam mam straszne spadki FPS z ponad 100 schodzi do 50 nawet optymalizacja powinna iść w pierwszej kolejności i zrobić ja tak żeby każdemu użytkownikowi tej gry chodziła bardzo dobrze mój sprzęt aa to tak to wspaniale mi się gra i nie chce przez spadki FPS zrezygnować z grania oby tak dalej idziecie w dobrym kierunku I5 4460 3.2 GHz GTX 970 aktualny sterownik 12gb ram
  10. Hopefully The Farm 51 is as good (or better) at monetizing WW 3 as they are at art asset development and game design. Unfortunately, most indie Developers are not, even many over financed 'AAA' game Publishers fumble badly at monetizing a game that is otherwise very successful, either by asset stripping the game's design to 'monetize everything' turning it into a parade float trash arcade shopping mall of 'content' for sale that ends up being a substitute for or even obviating fun game design, some ridiculous over-priced subscription model, or, don't ask for enough money from the game's audience to keep things going. When I look at World War 3's road map, even if the release target features were curtailed by 40% -- the game is way under priced! The number of man hours in development to get there is just too high, or the talent too under paid. Very few game fans have a clue how difficult and time consuming game development is, how under paid Developers are, and those that feel WW 3 is expensive only do so because they're simply ignorant and selfishly base their assumptions on an early access work in progress, with no clue what work-a-day development on a game like this costs and how quickly unsustainable that can become if revenue slides. Some of the audience get it, others are starting to get a clue; there is incredible talent behind this game, progress might not be as fast as some would wish, but it's real, the game is solid, most importantly fun, and well on track to being something very impressive. With that in mind, intellectual honesty requires that everyone acknowledge these guys gotta get paid to keep doing it but some revenue models are more appealing then others, some are out-right discouraging, and others will simply not bring in enough money to sustain a game like World War 3's development. With all that in mind, it might be productive for people to solicit what they like or don't mind paying for, and what they do. I for one don't mind paying for expansions or in game content like uniforms or even game features that aren't over powering and can lead to 'pay to win' doubt. In that WW 3 is multi-player only, expansions that are map based will segregate the audience between those that bought and those that did not -- which can hurt a game's play share. However, there have been a lot of game marketing studies that corroborate Gamers like game franchises that continue familiar game metrics and expand them... Directions TF51 could take this that would get my money without hesitation: · in-game content for sale as an alternative of ranking into them (uniforms, weapons, attachments, insignia etc.) · feature content for sale (custom game UI, music, voice commands, and other features and content that don't effect game-play) · dedicated server license (this could require a subscription fee) Personally I'd like to see package 'Supporter's Editions' deals on buying all content for the game, and think the price should be steep -- because I want to support TF51 and this game having a future, and thing others that do should have that opportunity too! It would also be nice to see World War 3 for sale on the Epic Game Store, I'd buy it there a second time just to have it handy, this would also expose Unreal Engine fans to the game, and it would also have 'first mover' status on that platform being the first realism game there which would help garner attention and market share. On all platforms it's sold on it might be productive to have and package deals where if you buy 4, 5, or 10 copies for friends you get a small discount, and same way with 'Supporter's Editions' that get all the content. Lastly, I hope The Farm 51 is able to make enough money to take World War 3 to the franchise level, and offer full content expansions or sequels. I'd love to see a multi-player Special Operations asymmetrical warfare game that was lower tempo, incorporated stealth, but played on the scale of WW3. In the mean time I hope more fans chime in here, beat the drum for this game in other venues, make fan sites, and help make The Farm 51 and WW3 a sustainable franchise.
  11. Manchild

    Say Hello!

    Sup folks! I've been playing since EA launch but haven't really hung around the forums until recently. I'm glad I stuck with it and happy to be part of the development process of a soon to be classic fps. See you all in the Warzones!
  12. Hoak


    I like all of it, I think their Music Producer (all their Asset Artists for that matter) are fantastic. It would be much more suitable if they were to release a full soundtrack for sale on Steam. You do want to support the continued development of this game? Right? The score/soundtrack could includes everything from the game, trailers, and any stuff composed for the game that wasn't used that's thematically similar -- and allow the player to assign it in game as some other games have done. No one is going to want or like the same music here, your pet wish is going to be the anathema that's someone else's 'contact bummer' and either gets turned off or is a turn off from playing the game... You do want more people playing the game? Right? Or is you having your pet wish music more important then having players in a multi-player game really more important?
  13. So when the drugs are coming in the game. Still waiting for type of drug to be used in battlefield. Just pushing it my character veins. Freaking Doom or some house music start playing, while my character is 2x faster(runs,reload, throws etc) and screen to be with lucid colors. The drug would be on use for 10 second or more , with 1 min or more CD. And lets make it even more freaky on every 1/100 The music would be different (doom OST maybe) and would give you rage. The screen would be red. See blood in exchange of drops of water on the helmet would be drops of blood. How about 1/1000 chance the drug makes you deathless for 10-20 second.With music from the deepest part of hell, like sound that player can't stand, people screaming for help and your enemies to be with skins of the death(*OR*The marks of your teammates disappear), literally would make some people have nightmares at night.And this time with really muddy and dark screen color but again with drops of blood on the helmet. But if you took too much damage well..... after those 10-20 sec *INSTANT DEAD* It would happen really rare, after all 1/1000 chance. So no need to worry being too arcady.
  14. I don't have other UE4 racing games but I can say that Assetto Corsa Competizione feels almost the same as original Assetto Corsa (minus the mod support of course) For FPS, it's like you've said. Different titles that uses the same engine feels way identical. I'm not sure but at times I can feel UE3 clunky-ness in movement system in UE4 games, though my experience is limited to MoH Airborne and a few minutes on Dirty Bomb. WW3 at some time feels the same way too but not really apparent, probably because I didn't give out more time on PUBG (I just don't like it even, after trying out on someone else's account).
  15. I like 444th Air Base Hangar, kinda matches the whole game but sadly it's only on a few stages https://youtu.be/va6H04kC2nk
  16. Server: NA Age: 30 Gender: Male Language: English Where are you from: Oregon Playstyle: AR with mid range sights but with CQC add ons to allow for versatility. Microphone: Yes What you expect from a team/clan: Not a whole lot of pressure. Just have fun. How often do you play: As often as I can. I'm married and have a full time job so it's hard to pin down an exact schedule. Favorite game mode: Warzone Favorite map: Don't know yet. Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HRxPaperStacks Contact: Add me on Steam.
  17. Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
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  19. I can't join matches, it says VAC couldn't perform anti-cheat checks.
  20. ach...tyle pobierania na kilkadziesiąt minut gry ;d no dobra zobaczę co da się zrobić
  21. Thanks for the report, it should be patched, I will report it again.
  22. Please provide your graphics settings in game and your PC setup. Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, I noticed this bug yesterday when playing the game. I have an RTX 2060 GPU and it may be related, but I recorded the bugs. Many textures are flickering on walls and surfaces and it occurs a lot and on all maps, although my recording is on Polarny. It happens on both interior and exterior textures, although my interiors seem very dark so it's mostly visible on exterior surfaces.
  24. Był już taki temat pare dni temu, podobno restart PC pomógł, w każdym bądź razie, może warto zrobić reinstalację gry.
  25. I think we just need a system similar to the "in combat" system bf4 has. You shouldn't be able to spawn on a squad mate who is being suppressed or shot at.
  26. We can do nothing about it, we still optimizing the game but to be honest, this CPU is like 10 years old? Even modern CPU's work on 100% of their power. You should invest in a new rig if you want to play comfortably.
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